What Matters to Me

In the most abstract terms, good communication of design matters because it can bring dreams to life. For me, design is always a form of optimism – the desire to make things better, more beautiful, or more functional. In good design, there are no arbitrary or indifferent decisions. Effective design is not easy, nor can it be done quickly. Design is about making things either work properly or better, and to bring purpose and direction to chaos. This is what I do.

What Led me Here

I’ve always been fascinated with technology being used as a storytelling medium – from my first time watching a PIXAR short film to the recent advent and use of VR to take a virtual tour of a venue, I believe that the use of emerging technologies, when used effectively, can allow us to better evaluate our design ideas.

The foundation of my storytelling background comes from my training as a set designer for theatre. During that time of my career, I also made ends meet by working as a studio assistant for a TV show designer, which allowed me to learn the foundation of using the computer for creating concept drawings.

As my set design career grew, I was often asked to integrate video projection into my design work, which forced me to learn motion graphics and create a foundation of understanding for how projection and video can be used to help tell a compelling story.

In 2008, I was hired by Preston Bailey to bring most of those skills to the table to strengthen his design department. When I decided to leave the company two years later, it was clear to me that what I was best at – and enjoyed the most – was bringing design ideas to life through concept renderings and design drawings. In 2011, I created Matthew Myhrum Event Visualization, and I'm committed to learning and bringing new tools to the table to communicate event design for clients.